What is PSG Grant?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) upholds organizations enthusiastic about embracing IT arrangements and gear to upgrade business measures. PSG covers area explicit arrangements including the retail, food, calculated, accuracy designing, development, and finishing ventures. Other than that, PSG likewise upholds the appropriation of arrangements that cut across ventures, for example, in spaces of client the executives, information investigation, monetary administration, and stock following. With up to 70% subsidizing support. PSG fills in as a road for organizations to make long haul innovation ventures and furthermore to launch their digitalization endeavors. You can apply to PSG for pre-endorsed arrangement EZ Accounting Pvt Ltd.

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Is it accurate to say that you are qualified?

Organizations who meet the accompanying models can apply for PSG:

  • Enrolled and working in Singapore.
  • Buy/membership of IT arrangements or
  • Hardware should be utilized in Singapore
  • Have at any rate 30% nearby shareholding (Singaporean/PR)

Significant Benefits of a PSG Grant Accounting Software

1. Accommodation

Being able to get to your monetary information whenever and anyplace you need is vital to productive deals. With a cloud-based bookkeeping programming set up, dealing with all your bookkeeping records is currently conceivable.

Another explanation that makes bookkeeping programming much more helpful is that it streamlines charges. Managing the measure of expenses you need to pay can be debilitating. In any case, ascertaining the number and documenting your profits physically is significantly more.

PSG award bookkeeping programming diminishes the pressure that comes from this interacion by keeping all you require in one straightforward interface. With a little information and preparation or none by any means, SME proprietors would now be able to deal with all bookkeeping exchanges on their work areas without the expense of an outer gathering.

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2. Cost-Productivity

With mechanized computations, information stockpiling just as regulatory techniques, PSG award bookkeeping programming would insanity be able to lessen the expenses of printing and information conveyance.

3. Exactness

Repeating human blunders, for example, erroneous conclusions and missteps in information reports frequently lead to major monetary misfortunes. Much more dreadful, they can bring about insolvency. PSG award bookkeeping programming can be of extraordinary assistance in this matter. PSG award bookkeeping programming permits preferable exactness over manual bookkeeping.

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Accounting software

4. Availability

As a rule, a reasonable outline of a business’ funds assists business visionaries with understanding the necessities of their organizations. Notwithstanding, getting precise and nitty gritty monetary gauging can be ideal. This is the place where the significance of PSG award bookkeeping programming becomes possibly the most important factor. PSG award bookkeeping programming permits entrepreneurs to see constant monetary status giving them the time they need to get ready for the future in front of them.

5. Security

Monetary information is the central core of any business. All things considered, it ought to be ensured against any misfortune or harm that may happen. Quite possibly the best methods utilized by many is information reinforcement. Be that as it may, doing it physically can require some investment and exertion.

PSG award bookkeeping programming can be of extraordinary assistance as it is intended to protect your information while guaranteeing simple and time-productive recovery at whatever point you need them.

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6. Improve Client Relationship

Precise and quicker invoicing can help assemble clients’ trust. With PSG award bookkeeping programming set up, entrepreneurs can anticipate less postponements and blunders. Subsequently, making a solid picture of validity and polished skill.


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